Friday, June 9, 2017

Bully story

One day there was a little girl called mona and she was and very lonely girl and every day she would go home saying to herself ‘ we will I make friends. So she woke up and said ‘i need to make friends’ so she did. She went to school happier than she's ever been. So she went to her locker and  along comes big bully alison. ‘Alison acts like she is the head leader of every student at school’.

Alison always calls mona a loner and the freak that go to church.
Mona knew all of Alison’s secrets all of them mona can see right thru her. alison thort she knew  mona but really she feel i'm not the freck that to church. She has a gang i can't tell you who's in it but you will find out soon. Just to say were in high school. Along come halloween i love halloween more makeup and more time to scare people and more time to hide. So i dressed up so nobody would know who i am.

Today is halloween. I always dress up for halloween it's my favorite time of the year.
We are having a school party and alison dressed up as lady g. I dressed up as a zombie man. I followed Alison,hanna,emily,spenca,aria. I followed them all night and really i'm the bully in this storey is not alison ist mona.

A year later alison comes back from her holiday in a yellow t-shirt. Alison still thinks she knows me she said she went to her grandmas no she didn't. I can't tell you because it's alison bisnis. Her and her friend were in spencer's barn and were drinking and all girls do on a friday night. Alison was scared because i was blackmailing e.g  i can see you watch out  -A. Alison was a girl that didn't think before she did. So she went in side spencer's house and cashed up some sleeping pills. But spencer refuses to drink the drink and all of the other girls drunk the drink. At midnight alison snuck out and begged aria's dad for money and and so he gave her money and one of her jobs were ticked and after she did all of her. She went missing. The end but no not the end.