Friday, September 9, 2016


Purpose: to entertain
Success Criteria
  1. Subject
  2. 2 adjectives (describing words) to tell about the subject
  3. 3 verbs (interesting doing words) ending in ‘ing’ that also tell about the subject
  4. A phrase to tell about how the subject feels or what it does
  5. A word describing the first line or choose another adjective

Small, annoying     
Eating, laying, flying
Trying to not die
The learning powers I used were the imagination muscle, noticing muscle, planning muscle and the perseverance muscle.

Friday, June 10, 2016

My Pet enclosure.

Piper B
My Creature is a red - kangaroo
Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
Playing area , sleeping area, feeding room,running space , they are really smart so I had to have a high fence so it wouldn't jump the fence.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:
Running, indoor playing, outdoor play, toilet, washing and feeding.

What I am pleased about:
That I took  my time and not rushed it so much because we had more time and not like a day. We had three days to work on our PBL and I found it fun and I got absorbed in my work and that was good.I made a good plane because then i could follow my plane a not just make up ideas    .   

What I would like to improve:
I don't really have anything to because I think I did I good job.

Piper B.JPG

Friday, May 20, 2016

blood moon

I see the giant Blood Moon rising out of the sea.

I hear the Blood  dripping into the calm ocean far below.

I can  taste fresh sea salt absorbing on my mouth.
I can smell fresh  air breathing throw my dry noise.
I think the Blood Moon is going to explode.

Camp Omatua.

Here am I am kayaking down the blazing river.
I’m getting ready to eat my amazing  dinner.
Guess who is in this photo?
Here i am in my house challenge house.
Pipe B.JPG
Riley and me have got the same t-shirt isn't that weird .
Look at me in my flash car.I betcha my car in better than yours.

Camp Omatua reflection.

Camp Omatua Reflection

Thinking back over the camp, what I most enjoyed was swimming in the river because we saw a baby eel and we went on the kayaks and this true I'm pretty good for 9 years old.

Something funny that happened was my cousin called Lucian and Conor scared me and said there was a eel around my legs.

Something I have found out myself is going into the river because I got over my fears like going into the cold river.  

I really admired the way somebody backed my bed up and i still don't know how it was.  

In the future, I would like to see them catch some eels because this year they didn't catch any.

What was a challenging thing for you at camp?
Not going home.