Friday, June 10, 2016

My Pet enclosure.

Piper B
My Creature is a red - kangaroo
Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
Playing area , sleeping area, feeding room,running space , they are really smart so I had to have a high fence so it wouldn't jump the fence.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:
Running, indoor playing, outdoor play, toilet, washing and feeding.

What I am pleased about:
That I took  my time and not rushed it so much because we had more time and not like a day. We had three days to work on our PBL and I found it fun and I got absorbed in my work and that was good.I made a good plane because then i could follow my plane a not just make up ideas    .   

What I would like to improve:
I don't really have anything to because I think I did I good job.

Piper B.JPG


  1. hi piper awesome work i love it

  2. I love it and it is so cool and jest love it.

  3. pip i think it looks awesome and it is amazing,good work pip.

  4. good work piper I think it was cool and I like the way you made it
    and one last time good work :):):)